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  • What is Hostry?
    Hostry is an on demand micro-vending platform for rental property hosts to supply their guests with complimentary and premium products. This can include snacks, phone chargers, bottled water, beauty products and more.
  • How does Hostry work?
    At any point during a guest’s stay, they can follow the instructions on a Hostry to get the unlock code. We will pre-authorize the guest’s credit card for $25, and they will be free to take whatever they wish for the duration of their stay. Hostry will notify the host that a pre-authorization has occured, so that upon checkout they can tally up the items and send the guest a final bill.
  • I am a host. How do I earn money through Hostry?
    Hostry takes a 10% fee for premium items supplied directly by hosts. 50% of revenue from complimentary items provided directly by Hostry go to hosts. In addition we have a monthly bonus system where you can earn one of these bonuses: $5 for 3 guests authorizations $15 for 5 guest authorizations $40 for 10 guest authorizations
  • How do I get started?
    Apply here. Once your application is accepted, we ship a Hostry unit to your home along with a starter kit of products you will received to get started. Setup takes 5 minutes, so you'll be ready to start earning extra money the day you receive your Hostry!
  • How much could I earn?
    Hosts earn money each time a guest uses Hostry and can also earn additional money through referral bonuses, tips, and weekly and monthly bonuses. The average Hostry owner can earn around $100 per month, and our top hosts earn over $350 per month.
  • What does Hostry suggest I sell?
    Every guest has different tastes. What you offer your guests will vary depending on geography and season. We provide every host with complimentary items that will then encourage your guests to purchase premium products. Some of Hostry's top selling items include toothpaste, toothbrushes, shaving needs, chips, bottled water, candy, soda, breakfast bars, and sunscreen.
  • I am a guest. How much does this cost?
    In addition to the cost of the item, guests will be charged a $2 convenience fee if, and only if, they consume items from their Hostry. Complimentary items are free until the designated quantity is exceeded.
  • I am a host. How much does this cost?
    Hostry is completely free for hosts. If you elect to supply and offer premium products, we will charge you a 10% commission on each item sold. Hostry takes a $99 deposit for each box. This will be returned if you choose to cancel your Hostry account and return the box back to us.
  • How do I check out a guest?
    Navigate to your host dashboard. From there, select "edit menu" on the box that your guest accessed. Select the "check out" tab and you will see your guests name. Click on that and use the the inventory column to add up their final bill.
  • How do referrals work?
    Share your box # with a fellow host. They'll be asked for it when they sign up and you'll recieve $25.
  • How do hosts get paid?
    Please go to your preferences and enter bank information in the payout section. Payments will be processed twice per month.
  • I would like to dispute a final bill
    Please respond to the email you received with a note about any items you would like to dispute. You can also reach out to us at or (800) 785-8505 (M-F 9-5 ET).
  • I was not paid out the correct amount.
    Please contact us so we can review your completed transactions and payout.
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